Unsocial media cleanse

I'm taking at least the rest of April off of social media.

The last week has been a pretty tough time for me and the things I see on my social media. It's been a pretty tough last few years, for that matter. I'm sure many of you can relate when I say I get into sort of "comparison mode" when I get on social media. I also can't stop looking at it all throughout the day. I am really just tired of how emotionally reliant I have become on keeping up with everyone else's social media profiles online.

I've also gotten tired of looking for empty validation in my posts. As I post something and wait, hope, and hold my breath for people to "like" what I had to say or wanted to show people. It's a sad, ridiculous way of living. I can't believe I got in this rut to begin with... actually I can. Since I can remember, I've always looked for validation from other people in order to feel like I was on the right track with my life. Over the last few years, I've felt God leading me on another path. A path down which I won't be selfishly to looking at others in hopes they will give me that validation I truthfully need from Him instead. It's a chasing after the wind. Like looking for pearls in a pig sty.

So, if you'd like to get ahold of me, which I'm guessing many of you will not, but in any case, here is my phone number.

(704) - 953 - 1134

I can be reached here any time. My phone is metaphorically glued to my hip. You can text me or call and leave a message (I don't normally answer unknown numbers). I would love to have a real life face-to-face conversation with you or just talk on the phone some time. It's not worth it to me to see your filtered out life no Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I want to know how you are doing, not how many pictures you've posted about your most recent beach trip. Better yet, if you really wanted me to see those photos, your phone is capable of sending them, and I would be more than happy to see them and tell you how much I appreciate you sharing them with me and telling me the story behind them.

If anyone's wondering, I'll still be writing on my blog and posting things through Buffer, and occasionally sharing some new things I learned on my favorite stringed instruments. Feel free to comment, but I will not see these until at least May. Who knows, maybe I'm done with social media in a bigger way than I know.

Peace, y'all. And as always, stay sharp!