Why didn't I start doing this sooner?

Have you ever asked yourself that? I'll bet you have. I know I have. It's a question asked after realizing how beneficial or wonderful something can be that you had previously avoided or never thought about. I ask you something, though. Really, why didn't you? Were you afraid? Did you give the "no time" excuse? Do you even dare answer that blearing question I know you all have in your head? In my experience, most honest answers to that question reveal a child-like, immature behavior in us all that we are much too embarrassed and prideful to admit. But I think the answer to that can be one of the biggest opportunities to grow in our lives. When we know why we don't do the "adult" thing or make the "adult" decision in our life, we can then start our adventure for the answer to how we start making those "adult" decisions every day instead of cowering away from potential failure.

See, I think we all have a huge problem with a lynchpin sized solution. That huge problem is fear. My question to you is what did fear ever do for you? Did fear get you that education you worked so hard for? Did fear ever get you that job you've been so blessed to have? Did fear ever help you grow? I'll help you. No, it did not. Fear only ever showed you things you were afraid of. No, not things you necessarily should have been afraid of, but you were definitely afraid of. Here's a news flash for you; it's not fear that helped you get all those things in your life, it was courage.

Where has courage gone in this generation? Where has that drive to grow and become more gone? Why, when I think of this generation, do I imagine an angry little child who runs from all conflict and bends to every temptation in sight? Where did all steadfastness in any beliefs go?

Student loans are through the roof! Kids want to elect Burnie Sanders, not because they think he'd make good choices when the going gets tough, but because they don't want to own up to their own laziness and pay the debt they got themselves into in the first place! This is lunacy. Guys, this is our mess. We will be the ones who clean it up. Not because we should, although that is true, but because no one else will. Someone will have to pay for our debts. What goes around comes around, especially when it comes to lazy and uninformed financial decisions.

Oh, and what happened to our ability to say no to the world. What about "No, world, I don't hold my value up to comparison to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat! Because no one's life is there, only what they want you to see."? What about "No, I'm not going to spend more than half my life wasting away at my TV watching things I shouldn't and people who aren't real!"?

Have you gotten mad enough at yourself to give up these horrible, time-wasting objects and mentalities in your life? Because one day you'll look back on all those hours and wonder where they went. You'll wonder "Why didn't I start working on that product I've always wanted to sell?", "Why didn't I slow down and just listen to what my spirit has been crying to tell me about all these years?", and "Why wasn't I just honest with myself and say 'I CAN do it! I just have to start.'"

You see, most things didn't happen all at once. They started with just that; a start. They didn't finish without that first step that lead to all the steps in-between. This generation has lost their ability to start doing the right thing, but it doesn't have to stay that way. You can decide to start now! Start eating better, because seriously, it is so worth it. Start exercising! You don't have to start with 10 miles, 5 miles, 3 miles, or even 1! Just start somewhere. Start owning up to your mistakes and realizing no one expected you to be perfect in the first place, and you probably don't even care that much about the people that did. Don't be paralyzed by analysis and your unhealthy need for perfection or your laziness inside your comfort zone. Just start now. You'll never realize how much it's worth until you do.