Fear is amazing

Do you know why fear is amazing? It is like the fire of our human emotions. Simultaneously containing the capacity to create and destroy everything we are.

There is a blog that I go to maybe once every 2 months called The Good Men Project that contains many highly opinionated, secular articles on subjects of this world. I was reading one article written on fear and even though this was not the topic of the article, it reminded me of the way God can use fear to point us back to Him in times of need. The problem is that we, as humans, default to avoiding our fears and can often times not realize the good it can produce in our lives if we bring it back up to Him and let Him show us what to do.

God Created Fear

I think the first important thing to remember when it comes to fear is that He is the creator of this strong emotion in us. There was a purpose behind its creation and should at the very least be recognized as part of a bigger and greater design of how God made humans operate in this world. Here is some food for thought:

Without fear, would we ever recognize our need for Him?

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.
Psalm 56:3 (NIV)

How do I Deal with Fear in Life?

Although, we do still have fear because we are fallen humans in a fallen world. What do you do? Feel it. Embrace it. Accept it for what it is. This can be the hardest part of giving up your life to Him. In fear, we want to run away. In fear, we tremble at the weight of our life. In fear, we separate ourselves from God because of our own selfish and sinful nature.

The first step to putting your faith in the Lord is admitting the absence of it. He longs for us to know the truth about ourselves. He is not a God of confusion. He will give you clarity in your fear. In God, we know who and what we can trust in. In God, there is no room for fear of this world. In God, you are comforted in ways no man can comfort. In God, you are loved.

Feel Fear (do not run)

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.

Many people understand this quote that Franklin D. Roosevelt made in his first inauguration speech. I believe he hit the nail on the head. We do not have anything to fear at all if the Lord is by our side guiding us through our life. This makes the fear of fear itself the only rational fear to have because it shows our lack of faith in Him.

What Do I Fear?


There are many words you could use to describe this. "Perfectionist" and "people pleaser" are the first terms that come to mind. Everyone fears rejection of many things. Rejection from friends, family, and even random strangers. In my lifetime, as short as it has been compared to those wiser than I, it has never served me well to fear rejection from another human being. It has only been a crippling experience that pushes me in a direction that kept me from following what God was leading me to.

If you find yourself fearing rejection, pray for God's clarity in where your fear is coming from. He may not answer right away, but that will be a time where you will grow out of your fear instead of falling more into the dependency of other's validation.


In my life, emotion has only been a display of weakness. This is a shallow and lifeless way to live. It also keeps us from understanding our true selves better. I believe this is God's design. We are all unique in the things we feel deeply for in our lives and He made those emotions to show us what those things are. In the past year, God has softened my heart to understand that there is not only a time for keeping your emotions out of a situation, but also a time for allowing your emotions to show for the health of your heart and those around you.