That one thing

This is a quote from Chris Bailey's article on "The cure for writer's block":

But just as I have never run a full marathon, I don’t consider myself a writer. While some people call me a writer (especially after my book landed in stores), I’ve never identified too closely with the label. It is productivity that I’m obsessed with—and so far the best way I can make a living exploring my favorite topic is by writing. Just as someone who is fascinated by astrophysics might become better at math to understand what she loves, I’ve invested in my writing to explore what I’m most deeply interested in.

I just found this interesting because he points out something really important in life. A lot of the people who are doing what they love are not just doing what they love. They are doing all the things they need to do in order to do that one thing they love. Sometimes you even have to start with the things you don't love to get to the thing you do. So, next time you are considering a life change, remember that things will never be perfect, but if you work hard, the things you do will eventually include that one thing, which is more than most can say.